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13 February 2020

How to gain clear and healthy glowing skin

CLEAR & GLOWING SKIN healthy skincare tips

 Hlo friends Let's get closer and talk about it Everyone wants to have perfect skin and I think many of us are coming to an end and spend a lot of money on it.

 I think most of the time we are looking complicated solutions thinking it will be THE cure for our complicated problems when in reality the solutions are rather simple So let me share some tips on how I keep my skin clean and healthy and how YOU can do it too Let's go Above all, learn to love your skin You have freckles, moles, normal discoloration dark complexion, fair complexion .

 It doesn't matter assume it. It's you and so it's beautiful. So focus on the things you can change and honor the things that you cannot. Obviously I will start with nutrition Because I sincerely believe that healthy and shiny skin Comes first from the inside and not from the outside So you may or may not have heard that certain vitamins could help achieve clear skin when other people might say that certain foods like celery and cucumber, mint, lemon and berries help achieve flawless skin but personally.

 I don't believe that a component or a small group of foods is what helps to achieve healthy skin I believe your entire nutrition and diet is what determines the health and vitality of your skin then the more whole and vegetable foods you eat the more beautiful your skin will be what i mean is that no single ingredient can provide the complex matrix of nutrients and antioxidants which can be found in the plethora in plant foods that you can enjoy. Does that mean you have to go to the extreme? No. You can taste some delicacies on occasion and always have a clear complexion but I have noticed with certainty that the abuses processed foods, fatty foods and those with a lot of sugar cause me more pimples so keep your balance and above all focus on a complete diet Some people recommend detox teas, others water infused with vitamins but like nutrition.

Don't leave any of these quick fixes you're wrong So the first thing to look at is general hydration The questions to ask yourself are if you are ingesting enough fluids They can be in the form of water, soups, smoothies, teas, fruits ... In short : if you think you are not hydrated enough making sure you are will help you on your way to clear skin Brands will try to convince you that skin problems are a result isolated external problems that can be easily treated with a little lotion or product they sell and I'm sorry: I don't walk because as i have before i really believe that healthy, shiny skin comes first from the inside Which means happy bowels and healthy bowel movements Make sure you eat foods high in fiber like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lentils, nuts seeds and also to take enough probiotics like yogurts and fermented foods it is not only good for the digestive system but also for the skin of course hydration and regular physical activity helps maintain beautiful skin.

 It's no surprise that sweating and practicing regular physical activity helps for better skin When we play sports, we increase blood circulation in all areas including our skin and more blood circulation means more oxygen and nutrients delivered to cells and it's also an opportunity for the cells to get rid debris that may have accumulated Exercise helps blood circulation but also de-stress and we know how we have a more blurred complexion when we are going through difficult times So the question you need to ask yourself is Am I stressed? If yes How can i bring calm in my life ?.

 I have mentioned in the past that for me it's usually time spent in nature or with family or friends or any kind of personal care routine like a cup of tea Whatever it is, take the time to identify what you can do to bring calm to your life to reduce stress and trust me: your mental health and skin will thank you So now that we've talked about how to have beautiful skin from the inside We will talk from the outside IF you use day, night creams, cleansers make-up removers, scrubs and it works then keep going. I don't want to convince you to do otherwise but personally I think it's expenses and additional dimensions and to be honest, I feel uncomfortable putting so many things on my face with as many products and multiple ingredients on my face I just prefer to keep the essentials and the one thing who touches my face is coconut oil When I wake up I wash my skin with water then apply coconut oil on it so that's basically my moisturizer if i wear makeup that day, in the evening i will wash the water before putting coconut oil on a cotton pad to remove makeup then coconut oil serves as a moisturizer and makeup remover all good things take time so don't believe in quick fixes so easily Do not expect results overnight and remember to be regular When I made the transition between using day and night cream and coconut oil My skin did take time to adjust she was too fat at first then.

 I had some buttons Then my skin was dry before finding balance so if you have taken up a new routine or are using a new product give it time and in a few weeks you will notice a change in your skin This is what you should not abuse both in frequency and in pressure I like to exfoliate every two or three days with an exfoliation glove from a dollar store it's really simple just put a little soap and exfoliate gently to remove dead skin I am grateful to my sister who taught me not to wear makeup at a very young age she told me to honor how my skin looks naturally because put foundation and powders to create an addiction making me look less beautiful during the days when.

 I don't wear anything because I wouldn't have this artificially perfect complexion and I would become so used to it do not mistake yourself I put foundation from time to time but only for special occasions not like something everyday I want to let my skin and pores breathe.

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